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Microsoft's Halo team readying 'immersive world'

Although Halo creators Bungie split off after Halo 3's September 2007 launch, Microsoft doesn't have a intention of letting one among its best-selling franchises lie fallow. The Xbox 360 maker has recently announced the Master Chief-free tactical shooter Outland Gold expansion Halo 3: ODST, due out this fall. During the weekend, Microsoft dropped another hint concerning the series' future by way of new job listing.        
First posted on April 10, the position req is for the software development engineer that can work at Microsoft's Halo franchise studio in Redmond, Washington. According for the listing, the location pertains to a brand new, cross-platform online initiative centered on "taking the existing Halo community an internet-based gaming support system and bringing it towards the next level."   
"We're aiming to blend console, Web, and mobile to produce an immersive Halo world that follows the dedicated Halo fan wherever each goes," the work req reads. "We need engineers that will build connected technology while working in the startup environment."    
The listing procedes note how the software development engineer is going to be primarily tasked with delivering "a great out-of-game interactive experience that can take the next step after dark systems seen in Halo 3." Specific duties assigned for the software development engineer include building "user-facing on-console features including forums, tournament ladders, media libraries, and integrated minigames."   
The new project appears to be inside an early stage of development, considering that Microsoft's job req notes which the team will primarily give attention to infrastructure Warmane Gold building "for this coming year."  Eventually, the cross-platform project will scale to involve "millions of concurrent users around the service." MMOAH is capable of providing a better service for XXX trading. We have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.

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